Welcome to Saplings Consulting

Saplings is my own sapling. After 25+ years of experience in product design, team building, and leading others, I have created Saplings as a way to branch out and extend my reach to help others. I was born a perpetual "helper" and found myself growing into a supporting role for many of my colleagues, direct reports, and people in my network. I have discovered my "helper" nature and my ability to care for others without holding judgement are my superpowers and naturally makes me a good coach, mentor and advisor.

When to have a coaching session?

When to have a mentoring session?

When to partner with an advisor?

Anatomy of Coaching, Mentoring & Advising

Part of why I chose the name Saplings is that the symbolism of the tree spoke to me.

Individual betterment builds from the:

There are no right or wrong roots, trunks or branches. The most important thing is to be mindful of your sapling's development so it can grow into something you are proud of and excited for. 

Focus Areas

My focus areas are based on my strengths and passions.

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