About Sheri Palazzo

I have had an amazing 25 year (and still going strong!) career in technology and management. I have a very large collection of best-practices and don't-ever-do-practices after working at both big companies (GE, Bose, HP) and start-ups (Altaeros, Aeroshield, Sol Clarity, Helios, AutoPCB, +others). Along the way, I've had the pleasure of taking on almost every role an engineer can do, like drafter, designer, QC, program manager, systems engineer, engineering manager, operations manager, VP, and even floor sweeper.

I have a unique combination of strengths in technical aptitude, organization, and people skills which has opened up many opportunities for me. What has been the most enjoyable part of this journey is the people I have worked with and the mentors that have guided me. I have designed some award-winning products, but the ones I am most proud of are my three teenagers. It has always been one of my core values to keep my family as first priority as I built this rewarding career.

Now is my turn to give back! I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction in supporting others that coaching and mentoring was an obvious choice. Saplings Consulting is my official "branch" into helping others as others have helped me. 


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